Monday, April 26, 2010

Days 107-115

Day 107:
Look for the goose!  She was nesting on a little island in my uncle's pond.

Day 108:
I only planted one kind of tulip bulb but I had quite a bit of variation in them!

Day 109:
Swedish Ivy that needs to go outside when it quits being so windy all the time!

Day 110:
It was kind of a yucky day so I just took a picture out the big window in my living room.  I love this goofy bird my mom bought for me.

Day 111:
Dandelion silhouette.

Day 112:
Caught a break in the rain to photograph the water droplets on this tulip.

Day 113:
I wish this was a better photo of the poppies in the backyard, my battery died right after I took it!

Day 114:
My cousin, Kelsey, and her prom date, Brice.

Day 115:
Giant allium blooming in the backyard.  it looks kind of lonely waiting on the other flowers to sprout.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days 102-106

Day 102:
Team art projects!

Day 103:
I like these little violet things that are popping up everywhere.

Day 104:
Silhouette of a finch on the wires.

Day 105:
Downy woodpecker in the backyard.

Day 106:
Bleeding hearts in my mom's garden.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 101

Day 101
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Starburst of leaves from one of my lily plants.

Day 100

Day 100
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I LOVE the tulips I planted last fall. The red looks like it has been painted onto the yellow!

Day 99

Day 99
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Husband and niece hanging out with her teddy bear.

Day 98

Day 98
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I had a chance to hang out with a nesting Canada Goose. She had the nest set up on a little island in a pond. I walked up as slowly and quietly as I could and sat down on the bank of the pond, looking toward the island. At first, she lowered her head and tried to blend in but after a few minutes, she picked her head up and looked around. (Though mostly stared at me!)

Day 97

Day 97
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Student adding oil pastel details to a tissue paper dragon.

Day 96

Day 96
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Peeling tree bark.

Day 95

Day 95
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The better version of this photo has apparently lost it's date :(
The allium I planted is growing cool buds right now. Just waiting for them to bloom.

Day 94

Day 94
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Blogger isn't letting me upload my photos so I'm trying through flickr!
Two daffodils photographed on Easter.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days 87-93

Day 87:
Blowing bubbles on a nice day.

Day 88:

Day 89:
These are two piece of art given to me.  The horses on the left were drawn by Arthur ShortBull- they represent my husband and me.  The painting on the left was given to us as a wedding present.  It was painted by the mother of my little German friend.

Day 90:
Took Boo to my great Uncle and Aunt's house to photograph the geese and she had so much fun!  This was after she took a little swim, standing on the bank pointing at the geese.

Day 91:
I love the spiral of the leaf on this allium plant.

Day 92:
Waiting for my tulips to bloom.

Day 93:
I love this nest, found it at Banner Creek near the water.