Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 53-58

Day 53:
This is a picture of my favorite meal.  My mom made it.  Homemade chicken and noodle soup and mashed potatoes.

Day 54:
My kitchen bulletin board showing two Where the Wild Things Are pictures: one from the book and one from a Baby Blues comic.

Day 55:
I think this was about a two second exposure.  I just twirled my camera around pointing up at the bare trees.

Day 56:
I wish I could have done a better job holding my head still but it was hard with my arm moving!  I used a 30 second exposure in my totally dark bathroom and moved my cell phone around my face for lighting.

Day 57:
I think this was a 20 or 30 second exposure.  I wanted to see how the pictures on the TV would blur.  I took several pictures and on this one for some reason I moved the camera.  I like how it made a double picture.

Day 58:
I spent the day at the Kansas State Capital Building in Topeka for Youth Art Month.  I love the architecture and all the details inside the building.  The staircases and moulding are very warm, I love the gold color.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Project 365

Here is a really cool Project 365 I came across.  This is the message on the page:
My name is Jo Bradford. I will spend the next 365 days, each day of 2010, taking a Polaroid picture a day in an attempt use up my expired Polaroid packfilm stockpile in a meaningful way...... I hope you will enjoy my journey x

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days 45-51

Day 45:
Valentine's day candy!

Day 46:
I got home and saw the most beautiful color of blue in the sky.

Day 47:
Another photo of students painting.  One of my first grade classes had finished their painting project early and had really great behavior so for a reward, they got to free paint!  I gave them primary colors, black, and white so they could practice mixing colors.

Day 48:
"Old Grandpa"- my great grandpa turned 93!  We celebrated his birthday at my parents' house.  He opened a few presents after supper.

Day 49:
Boo was feeling cuddly.  I had to try a few times to get an in-focus picture since she was sitting on my lap.  I set my camera to a slow shutter speed, turned it around, and balanced it on my leg.

Day 50:
I tried to take a picture of my niece holding a smiley face balloon in front of her head.  She was being a bit too energetic for the photo to be in focus but that's why I like it!  The picture definitely shows Rosie's energy.

Day 51:
I am reading Jane Eyre right now as part of the Penguin Classic's Challenge I'm doing with a few friends.  I like the blurred pages.

Days 38-44

Day 38:
This is what my Sunday nights look like!  After Jared goes to work, I spend my evening getting lesson plans ready for the week, editing photos, and sometimes updating my Art Ed blog.

Day 39:
Glue drawings drying on the rack at school.  I had to put the papers in at different angles and keep adjusting them so that the glue wouldn't drip on the other papers.

Day 40:
During one of the snowstorms we've had lately, my clock/thermometer blew off the fence and the glass broke.  I was sad that it broke but I loved the look of the glass fragments over the face of the clock.

Day 41:
I had parent teacher conferences after school on day 41.  Being at school for 12 hours doesn't leave a lot of opportunity for taking pictures!  This picture shows a paper sculpture I made in high school that now sits in my classroom.  The surface of the elephant is covered with images of human ears!

Day 42:
The second 12 hour school day due to parent teacher conferences.  This old typewriter is in the computer lab to show students how you used to type.

Day 43:
Day off of school!  Photographed Jared and Boo playing catch.  Boo loves to run in the snow and I like to watch the spray of snow that she kicks up behind her.

Day 44:
This is the darn squirrel that keeps eating all my bird food!  The bird feeder has been VERY popular this winter.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days 36 & 37

Day 36:
Got up a bit earlier today because Jared told me I needed to leave early due to snow.  There was no wind, just a peaceful snow falling straight down that left a lovely layer over everything.  I thought it looked extra pretty due to the streetlights so I set up my camera on the porch railing, used my gloves to get the right angle, and used a long exposure (I think 20 seconds).  I wish I had had time to get my tripod and take a picture without the neighbor's truck in the frame but I only had as long as it took to warm up my car!  I'll have to try on our next snow day when I have more time to take snow pictures in the dark...

Day 37:
A Valentine for Teacher... I love old Valentines.  (Not so much the ones that would now be considered reacist like ones with Native Americans and puns about feathers, etc., but most of them!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Days 34 & 35

Day 34:
I kind of cheated.  I was going to take a picture of the old Valentines on my little vintage heart tray and I guess I thought about it so much that I assumed I already did it!  I did use my camera quite a bit during the day but it was to photograph my students' artwork.  The photo here is a painting by one of my 5th grade students that will represent me at our YAM reception!

Day 35:
I got home today during a little break from the rain so I wanted to find something to photograph outside. I noticed there were a few water droplets on the tree in our front yard so I took a few photos.  One of the others showed some branches reflecting but I like the composition of this one better.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days 28-33

Day 28:
I took several pictures of my yarn bag but I decided that i liked the out of focus one the best.

Day 29:
We got a little bit of snow today.  I found these delicate little birdie footprints on the front porch.

Day 30:
I didn't do a whole lot today.  Dad and Jared put the new floor in our closet so I took a picture of the cords over the top of it.

Day 31:
I'm knitting baby booties for my Aunt Jodi's new baby.  I thought he could use some camo booties.

Day 32:
Another day of painting with my Kindergarten students.  There were lovely little drips of watered down paint left on the table after class.  I mean lovely literally, not sarcastically complaining about needing to clean tables.

Day 33:
We actually had some sun today so I went out and explored my back yard.  I just love the seed pods on golden rain trees.  They looked a lot more "glowy" in real life.  The colors never fully translate to a computer screen.