Sunday, March 28, 2010

Days 80-86

Day 80:
One of my Allium sprouts.  I'm very excited about these flowers.

Day 81:
Bubble wrap printing with Kindergarten!

Day 82:
I covered the tables with paper when printing with Kindergarten.  I let the Kindergarten students draw on the tables when they were waiting to wash their hands or older students if they finished early.  This is what one of the tables looked like after two days.

Day 83:
Coolest.  Mold.  Ever.  I left 5 or 6 miniature gourds at school to see if they would hollow out.  When I came back after sprint break, I found that the gourd had molded in an awesome concentric circle pattern.

Day 84:
Reflection in an old wagon in my back yard.  I like how the green and rust of the wagon shows through the water.

Day 85:
I read about this technique and will have to spend more time playing with it.  This was my first attempt.  After pressing the button, turn to zoom in or out (don't remember which I tried here) while the shutter is open.

Day 86:
Saturday afternoon at home.  Jared, Boo, and I hanging out on the couch playing.

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