Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days 28-33

Day 28:
I took several pictures of my yarn bag but I decided that i liked the out of focus one the best.

Day 29:
We got a little bit of snow today.  I found these delicate little birdie footprints on the front porch.

Day 30:
I didn't do a whole lot today.  Dad and Jared put the new floor in our closet so I took a picture of the cords over the top of it.

Day 31:
I'm knitting baby booties for my Aunt Jodi's new baby.  I thought he could use some camo booties.

Day 32:
Another day of painting with my Kindergarten students.  There were lovely little drips of watered down paint left on the table after class.  I mean lovely literally, not sarcastically complaining about needing to clean tables.

Day 33:
We actually had some sun today so I went out and explored my back yard.  I just love the seed pods on golden rain trees.  They looked a lot more "glowy" in real life.  The colors never fully translate to a computer screen.

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