Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 53-58

Day 53:
This is a picture of my favorite meal.  My mom made it.  Homemade chicken and noodle soup and mashed potatoes.

Day 54:
My kitchen bulletin board showing two Where the Wild Things Are pictures: one from the book and one from a Baby Blues comic.

Day 55:
I think this was about a two second exposure.  I just twirled my camera around pointing up at the bare trees.

Day 56:
I wish I could have done a better job holding my head still but it was hard with my arm moving!  I used a 30 second exposure in my totally dark bathroom and moved my cell phone around my face for lighting.

Day 57:
I think this was a 20 or 30 second exposure.  I wanted to see how the pictures on the TV would blur.  I took several pictures and on this one for some reason I moved the camera.  I like how it made a double picture.

Day 58:
I spent the day at the Kansas State Capital Building in Topeka for Youth Art Month.  I love the architecture and all the details inside the building.  The staircases and moulding are very warm, I love the gold color.

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