Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days 38-44

Day 38:
This is what my Sunday nights look like!  After Jared goes to work, I spend my evening getting lesson plans ready for the week, editing photos, and sometimes updating my Art Ed blog.

Day 39:
Glue drawings drying on the rack at school.  I had to put the papers in at different angles and keep adjusting them so that the glue wouldn't drip on the other papers.

Day 40:
During one of the snowstorms we've had lately, my clock/thermometer blew off the fence and the glass broke.  I was sad that it broke but I loved the look of the glass fragments over the face of the clock.

Day 41:
I had parent teacher conferences after school on day 41.  Being at school for 12 hours doesn't leave a lot of opportunity for taking pictures!  This picture shows a paper sculpture I made in high school that now sits in my classroom.  The surface of the elephant is covered with images of human ears!

Day 42:
The second 12 hour school day due to parent teacher conferences.  This old typewriter is in the computer lab to show students how you used to type.

Day 43:
Day off of school!  Photographed Jared and Boo playing catch.  Boo loves to run in the snow and I like to watch the spray of snow that she kicks up behind her.

Day 44:
This is the darn squirrel that keeps eating all my bird food!  The bird feeder has been VERY popular this winter.

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