Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days 45-51

Day 45:
Valentine's day candy!

Day 46:
I got home and saw the most beautiful color of blue in the sky.

Day 47:
Another photo of students painting.  One of my first grade classes had finished their painting project early and had really great behavior so for a reward, they got to free paint!  I gave them primary colors, black, and white so they could practice mixing colors.

Day 48:
"Old Grandpa"- my great grandpa turned 93!  We celebrated his birthday at my parents' house.  He opened a few presents after supper.

Day 49:
Boo was feeling cuddly.  I had to try a few times to get an in-focus picture since she was sitting on my lap.  I set my camera to a slow shutter speed, turned it around, and balanced it on my leg.

Day 50:
I tried to take a picture of my niece holding a smiley face balloon in front of her head.  She was being a bit too energetic for the photo to be in focus but that's why I like it!  The picture definitely shows Rosie's energy.

Day 51:
I am reading Jane Eyre right now as part of the Penguin Classic's Challenge I'm doing with a few friends.  I like the blurred pages.

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