Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days 36 & 37

Day 36:
Got up a bit earlier today because Jared told me I needed to leave early due to snow.  There was no wind, just a peaceful snow falling straight down that left a lovely layer over everything.  I thought it looked extra pretty due to the streetlights so I set up my camera on the porch railing, used my gloves to get the right angle, and used a long exposure (I think 20 seconds).  I wish I had had time to get my tripod and take a picture without the neighbor's truck in the frame but I only had as long as it took to warm up my car!  I'll have to try on our next snow day when I have more time to take snow pictures in the dark...

Day 37:
A Valentine for Teacher... I love old Valentines.  (Not so much the ones that would now be considered reacist like ones with Native Americans and puns about feathers, etc., but most of them!)

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