Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

Day 7:
My parents called to tell me there were some really giant sun dogs that I should go take a picture of.  I drove out on the old highway and came across on a country road with no trouble.  I crossed Highway 75  so I could get a bigger picture.  Looked down P road and it seemed fine so I decided that was how I would get back into town.  All of a sudden, the road was drifted over and I didn't have room to turn around.  So, I thought I would just drive on through it in 4 wheel drive since it seemed to be my best option.  I got stuck.  Tried backing out to no avail.  Boo was getting really impatient.  Jared had already left for work so I called Dad and he said he was on his way.  I wasn't too far from a house and before I knew it, the owner was plowing his way to me in a bobcat and his son was walking toward the truck with a snow shovel.  My dad showed up, that's his truck in the background of the picture and they all three worked together to clear the road so Dad could pull me out.  It made me appreciate this community even more where even a stranger will go out of his way to help a silly stranded girl.

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