Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Days 5 & 6

Day 5:
I have been paying a lot of attention to sunsets.  Now that it's winter I get to see the sunset almost every day on my drive home from school.  I decided that for the sunset to be the prettiest, the cloud situation has to be partly cloudy.  If there are too many clouds, the sun is obviously blocked and if there are no clouds it's just kind of boring.  The clouds give the light something to reflect off of and it makes for more interesting colors.  I decided to take my camera with me to yoga class at the EUM and when I pulled in to the parking lot, the sun was setting behind a church (I should probably know the name of the church after having lived in Holton my whole life) and I liked the building and the branches.

Day 6:
It started snowing today at school so there was a lovely white backdrop out my classroom window that made the roots of the Swedish Ivy start in this vase look awesome and glowy.  I probably need to plant it in something but I think it looks kind of cheerful in the vase.


  1. love day five. i also love sunsets and i love buildings. i always take pretty pictures of buildings when i travel (i know, its silly but they have so much presence/personality i think!) and the sunset really adds and brings out the elements of the building here.