Thursday, January 14, 2010

Days 11-14

Day 11:
Drove to school in a lot of fog the other day and when I got to Pauline, the frost or ice (not sure which) was just beautiful on the trees!  This is the view from my classroom window, I wanted to play hooky and go take closer pictures.  The trees looked like this until about 2:00 but everything had melted by the time I could leave school.

Day 12:
Sanna, my little German friend, sent me these sea shells a couple years ago that she had retrieved from the North Sea.  I took them in my little jar to school where they sit on my windowsill and make me smile.

Day 13:
This is Big Foot.  Big Foot is almost 4 years old.  I made him in my Elementary Art Education class at ESU.  He lives at Pauline South where he is my classroom mascot and watch bird.  His favorite food is popcorn and he loves orange juice.  I kind of want to have some of the students write and illustrate a story about him.  Or maybe he could be the main character in a children's book. :)

Day 14:
I love cranberry muffins.  I make a batch about every week.  I was still hungry after eating lemon chicken and almost a whole can of green beans for supper so I made muffins for dessert (and breakfast tomorrow.)

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  1. Day 15 photo would make a great photo sor an updated self portrait!