Monday, January 25, 2010

Days 21-25

Day 21:
The students were happy to be outside at recess.  The window behind my desk looks out onto the playground so I was having fun watching the kiddos play tetherball and four square.  I used to be awesome at four square.

Day 22:
An amaryllis at my parents' house.

Day 23:
Warm enough to go for a walk and- what?  The SUN was shining!

Day 24:
I love my dog.  Jared went to help my dad with something for our house and came back with a UNO tshirt.  You never know what you'll find in the rag bin.  People bring in mostly ratty old clothes for them to use as stain rags but Dayna and I (back in the day) have found some keepers in there!  I asked Jared if we could put the shirt on Boo- nothing funnier at the moment than a dog in people clothes.  We even got her to sit near the big windows so I could get a good photo inside!  This makes me smile.  I need to get a copy for school!

Day 25:
Broke out my paint shirt tonight to paint some valentines.  I bought my paint shirt at a thrift store when I was in high school on a "$2 Tuesday"- fill a grocery bag of clothes for two bucks!  My friend, RaeAnn, and I used to go there after school to see what we could see.  Anyway... this shirt has seen me through four years of high school art classes, painting at ESU, and the painting of several murals.


  1. We need to do that again! For real. This summer. Lets make it happen.

  2. Also, LOVE the tree picture. I love trees, even when they don't have leaves.

  3. love the photo of Boo! Cracks me up!