Monday, January 4, 2010

Days 1-4

Day 1:
I took this photo of the mixed media painting I just finished.  I created a similar picture before and sold it to one of my 5th grade teachers and wanted another one for myself!  It has a tissue paper "transfer" and embroidered details (Be Still and around the cardinals.)

Day 2:
My dog, Boo (a one year old black lab,) and I went on a photography excursion in the back yard!  We still have snow from the Christmas blizzard and it was snowing again.  I like to photograph Boo in the snow.  Her dark coat makes it hard to get a good photo without using flash inside.  Of course she is so fast outside it is still tricky to get a good picture!  I think that the contrast helps the photo turn out.

Day 3:
My husband gave me this Kit-Cat clock for my birthday the first year we were married.  I have a thing for retro kitchen decorations and remember seeing a Kit-Cat clock in a movie.... maybe Honey I Shrunk the Kids?  Something like that... I like to watch the eyes and tail move when I'm thinking because the kitchen table is my favorite place to work.

Day 4:
Today was a teacher work day at school so I got to finish putting everything away in my new classroom.  It is a MUCH better set up for an Art classroom.  I have been getting a lot of supplies donated and one of the other teachers gave me some letter magnets, which I love.  I have a whole bunch on my refrigerator at home.  I used the letters at school to spell out the elements of art on the metal front of my desk.

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  1. I really love Day 4! it reminds me of your fascination of refrigerator magnets you developed at an early age!