Sunday, January 17, 2010

Days 15-17

Day 15:
Friday afternoon was LOOOOONG.  The lessons I taught in the afternoon went great on Monday and Tuesday but for some reason things were just not flowing on Friday.  I was doing a follow the leader drawing with my Kindergarten students and they were WAY too wound up for that to work right.  The drawings were ok it was just next to impossible to get them quiet and focused.  Somebody said it might be from the first day back to outside recess.  Sheesh!  Hopefully next Friday will be better!

Day 16:
Freezing fog again!  Boo and I went on an exploration around the neighborhood (her first walk in a LONG time due to weather/cold) and I took this picture of the "frog" on the golden rain tree seed pods in the back yard.

I have had a lot of fun watching the bird in the back yard.  (Note to self: move the tiki torch!)  I cleaned both sides of the glass so it's easier to take photos.  I need to get out my bird guide so I can identify some of these little guys!  Some aren't so little, I have two different kinds of wood peckers, saw the giant kind land on the bird feeder which looked kinda funny.  Almost as funny as the squirrels who still manage to get the seed with the cage on it.  The squirrels got the lid off and I need to put it back on but it's a mess from the snow and melted muddy snow stuff.  Anyway, enough ramblings about birds for one night.


  1. Katie, what an awesome way to start a new year and a new decade as well!!! I love this idea and wish I could have begun one myself! Do I have to wait all the way through 2010 to begin??? Maybe I could begin today. I also teach art, in Minnesota, and we have had the same weather as you, I am not sure where you are though. Anyhow, we have a lot in common it seems and I LOVE this idea!!!! Way to go!!!

  2. You can start anytime as long as you do it for a full year! (I'm in NE Kansas.)